Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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FLASH: The internet is a dangerous place!

Anyone and everyone can post comments about a business. As always, a business will appreciate positive feedback about their service. However, it can be detrimental to a business when a person decides to post negative feedback on the internet.

Could the negative feedback be true? Absolutely! Nobody is perfect, and, at times, there can be mix up or misunderstanding that can be blown completely out of proportion.

This is why RULES and REGULATIONS need to be changed regarding anonymous posting. Anonymous comments give people the courage to spout anything and everything. A person can trash a business purely out of spite with no repercussions as they are anonymous and no one knows who they are... fair, right?

What We Suggest:

Eliminate anonymous postings on business review websites:

  • Yellow Pages (
  • Google Reviews

These are just some websites... there are more, but you get the point!

We believe if you have a legitimate gripe against a business, you should have to attach the following to your comments:

  3. ADDITIONAL PROOF (documentation to back up negative claims)
It is only fair if our name is out there, yours should be, too! Why hide under an anonymous name when you have a legitimate gripe? Better yet, why take to the internet when you have the option to go to court?

Just something to think about...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

General Contractor Consulting - Boston MA - New York NY - Tallahassee FL - Dallas TX - Los Angeles CA - Seattle WA

ERS Consult is a CONTRACTOR BUSINESS ADVISOR for any contractor in any trade.
SIMPLY STATED: Contractors are generally excellent at their chosen trade (roofer, painter, plumber, etc.,) HOWEVER, they are NOT very good at starting, running or growing their business professionally or very succesfully. ERS helps/trains/assists/advises residential-commercial-industrial contractors of any trade become better at running their business enabling them to get off the jobsite and become more succesfull. Succesfull to the point of developing profit, enjoying their business with less stress and spending more time with their friends, families and hobbies.
ers is in the business of providing the BUSINESS SECRETS of the most successful CONTRACTING BUSINESSES nationwide to upstart... functioning... growable contracting businesses locally. In short: Most people who started, own, run or work within their contracting businesses become so busy with the trade at hand that they never take the time to actually develop their business. These contractors never get off the job to learn marketing secrets, best business practices, networking... etc. Ers Consult shows these busy owners or principals the secrets to success. Ers consult routinely sees the owners, spouses, estimators, supervisors and foreperson of companies who want to maximize their efforts and profits within the residential-commercial-industrial or institutional contracting business. THERE WAS... HAS NEVER BEEN... UNTIL NOW... a person or place where hard working contractors can go and get condensed knowledge that will instantly bring success to their business.

Please visit: ERS Consult website for more info!

Cape Cod Roofing and Siding - Boston MA - Cape Cod MA - Newport RI

Cape Cod Roofing and Siding is a 32 year experienced residential-industrial-institutional trained and certified roofing and siding contractor serving customers throughout New England.
All projects, regardless of size, are personally supervised by the owner Skip Schiappa. Skip is certified in 35 different types of flat/sloped roof systems and associated products. The process of Skip's oversight starts at estimation and follows through until the final clean-up and walk-thru. Every project is miticulously documented which includes the use of staged photography. All projects use detailed contracts which may include the best warrantys and guarantys the industry has to offer. Most projects come with an additional 10 year workmanship guaranty that starts AFTER the original manufacturer supported workmanship guaranty expires.
General Information
We love what we do ! We are students of the trade ! We are continuously on the hunt for newer and better products and services to help assist the needs of our customers.


We believe that you should know what you are getting. Our quotations should answer all of your questions with regards to any repair or installation that we have specified. If it doesn't, you can always communicate with us for the purpose of further explanation or clarification.

We believe in utilizing the finest products available to match our thirty two years of specialized experience in the roofing and siding trades.

We do not believe in the "hard sell".

We do not believe in allegiances to specific products or manufacturers. WE SIMPLY BELIEVE IN USING PROVEN PRODUCTS.

We believe in specifying those products which best serve the situation at hand.

We believe that you know what you want in a product, in a service, and in the qualities of a reputable contractor (see our Credentials and References pages on our website).

We know that every project has budget. If our cost fails to fall within your expected expenditures, please call and inquire as to why.

We are NOT interested in being the low, middle or high bidder. We bid all projects as we think they should be done in the best interest of all parties.

If you do not agree with our recommendations, we shall be glad to change the method of repair or installation, along with the materials to be used, to your liking as long as we feel comfortable with the finished product or service.*

We recommend that you schedule as soon as possible, even if you want us to do the project months from now. Even if you schedule months ahead, we do not accept any money until the project is to start, except in certain circumstances such as special order materials, which are nonrefundable.

In closing, every business has it's detractors and we certainly have seen our share of them over 32 years of business. Unfortunately, the odds are that regardless of positive effort, some people are beyond satisfaction. To date, out of 32 years in business... we know of 4. While any number is NOT a good number, we are proud to say that tens of thousands of other customers were more than satisfied with CCR&S. Should you see negative content or want an explanation of some negative content regarding CCR&S, please bring it to our attention. We have absolutely no issue with discussing the matter openly. Skip Schiappa and the team at CCR&S value the CCR&S reputation and strives to make it positive every day.

Once again, thank you for your interest. We hope that you will call us for your next project. 

Please visit: Cape Cod Roofing and Siding website.