Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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FLASH: The internet is a dangerous place!

Anyone and everyone can post comments about a business. As always, a business will appreciate positive feedback about their service. However, it can be detrimental to a business when a person decides to post negative feedback on the internet.

Could the negative feedback be true? Absolutely! Nobody is perfect, and, at times, there can be mix up or misunderstanding that can be blown completely out of proportion.

This is why RULES and REGULATIONS need to be changed regarding anonymous posting. Anonymous comments give people the courage to spout anything and everything. A person can trash a business purely out of spite with no repercussions as they are anonymous and no one knows who they are... fair, right?

What We Suggest:

Eliminate anonymous postings on business review websites:

  • Yellow Pages (
  • Google Reviews

These are just some websites... there are more, but you get the point!

We believe if you have a legitimate gripe against a business, you should have to attach the following to your comments:

  3. ADDITIONAL PROOF (documentation to back up negative claims)
It is only fair if our name is out there, yours should be, too! Why hide under an anonymous name when you have a legitimate gripe? Better yet, why take to the internet when you have the option to go to court?

Just something to think about...